About Leveraging Technology

As our name implies, Leveraging Technology helps customers maximize business value from their investments in information technology in today’s complex system environments.

Leveraging Technology:

  • Decades of experience
  • IBM Gold Partner
  • Accomplished middleware integrators and architects
  • Over 130 certifications
  • Customers in health care, insurance, banking, retail and manufacturing

A Singular Mission
We help customers simplify, innovate and better enable their organizations by removing complexity through creative design.

A Dual Focus
Enterprise Architecture expertise and a deep understanding of Integration improve agility, flexibility and time to market with practical solutions.

Why Leveraging Technology?

  • Our disciplined architecture methods help stakeholders plan and execute critical business and IT transformations.
  • We create alignment and effectiveness between business and technical teams.
  • We deliver solutions using proven integration design patterns coupled with the right technology.
  • We provide visibility and awareness of key interactions occurring between systems, internal stakeholders and customers.

Design Patterns are Built on Years of Integration Technology Evolution

Integration Technology EvolutionIntegration has always been essential –
now it’s CRITICAL

Integration Design & Architecture MUST:

  • Anticipate Points of Failure
  • Be Scalable, Flexible, Resilient, Agile
  • Allow Visibility into Interactions

Hybrid IT, Cloud Integration, APIs…

ZonesChoose a partner with the unique ability to design integration solutions across technologies and platforms to deliver real business value.

  • API Management – Develop and execute an API strategy to create, secure, manage and socialize APIs. Our workshop helps clients understand and leverage the API economy.
  • Integration Frameworks – We use proven methodologies to develop integrations within accelerated timeframes. Our Edge Gateway design secures the enterprise edge in connections with external partners.
  • Hybrid, Cloud or On-Premise – A solid integration pattern is technology independent. We deliver integration solutions that leverage the right technology for a company’s needs.
  • Integration Visibility with Interaction Aware™ – Our solution in the cloud enables real-time visualization of customer, system and B2B interactions.

What are your top challenges? Let’s put our heads together and see how “Strategic by Design” can deliver for you.

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