Drive Innovation and Success in the API Economy


API--Management-Seminar-Email-Header-SquareAPIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are playing an increasingly important role as organizations look for better ways of engaging with customers, optimizing business outcomes, and expanding digital ecosystems.

At the same time, the Digital Economy is being driven by Mobile, the Internet of Things, Cloud and Big Data. The ways companies interact with these technologies is the key to driving business growth — and APIs will be critical to successful interaction. However, monetizing and managing APIs also creates a complex set of management challenges for companies and the API stakeholders.

The IBM API Management solution addresses the challenges faced by:
• API developers: to create, control, deploy, analyze and manage SOAP and REST APIs and services
• API business owners: to advertise, market, socialize and sell APIs as a product in developer communities
• Application developers: to easily find, understand and have tools to help them consume the API, manage their own application and understand its consumption.

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Watch this five minute IBM video about the API Economy and API Management.

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