Commercial Bank Reduces Risk with a Secure, Automated, Managed File Transfer Solution that Links Internal Systems with 400+ Branches and 500+ Trading Partners


File transfers are the means of connecting business processes across applications, business units, locations, customer-facing processes and external systems at trading partners. A regional commercial bank was relying on an ad hoc set of processes and manual steps to get the files and manage downloads. Multiple different protocols were being used to transfer ACH payments, credit information and marketing files with service providers. The environment lacked any formal controls, security measures or visibility. The bank required a solution that substantially reduced risk exposure.


MFT Infrastructure SolutionA complete architecture and infrastructure solution was developed to support all electronic document transfers, replacing the multiple prior implementations, each of which required its own support services and inconsistent security protocol. The new managed file transfer (MFT) solution offers a full development and change lifecycle for new electronic file transfer implementations. It also provides improved and consistent data security with controls and metrics to monitor file movements.

The new MFT solution has far-reaching positive impacts on the bank’s operations.

– Automation freed internal IT staff to work on higher value, business-directed activities.
– Bank saves an estimated 25%-50% in expense required to administrate file transfers.
– Trading partners experience a faster, more efficient process with higher service levels.
– Bank statement printing costs were lowered by automatically transforming data for use by a lower-cost outside print vendor.

Read the full case study about how Leveraging Technology determined the business requirements, architected and implemented the MFT technology for a sustainable solution, while acting as the face of the bank, handling transfers and managing communications with internal clients and trading partners.