Conquering the Unknowns in Data: Mapping an Information and Analytics Strategy

March 13, 2015

Carpe Datum! That was the theme of Tuesday’s (3/10/15) conference at the Woodcliff Hotel and Spa. The 47 people in the room represented a diverse set of roles and interests, making for some interesting conversations.

While it sometimes seems as though everybody’s talking about Big Data but not getting traction, our four guest presenters took us beyond the hype cycle from the perspectives of academia, industry, science and technology.

•  Scott Steele, who directs the Rochester Center of Excellence in Data Science, gave us an overview of how the U of R is investing millions in Data Science across its scientific, medical and business campuses, creating new degree programs and opening the door to collaborations with private industry.
John Walsh, Chief Architect for Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, shared the challenges facing his company as it makes a huge cultural shift to data-driven business management while investigating how to leverage member data in pursuit of better healthcare outcomes and improved financial efficiency.
Bob Kremens, Research Professor at RIT, traced his 12-year adventure of developing data-collecting sensor systems in the course of investigating the propagation of wildfires.
Stewart Hanna, of IBM’s Big Data Group, gave us the perspective of the people investing in the technology that enables data science, including a variety of international use cases in which companies are using data to disrupt their markets.

Both John Walsh of Excellus and Stewart Hanna of IBM shared a similar recommendation: you need to sort out the architecture and integration bits required to capture and discover the data before you can perform meaningful analysis. With that thought in mind, Leveraging Technology offered conference-goers access to complimentary Roadmap Workshops to evaluate the state of their information strategy, enterprise architecture or integration. We are extending this offer to our followers for a limited time. Click here for workshop details and email to request a call to discuss.

Stay tuned for more highlights and video clips of the presentations at Carpe Datum: Seize opportunities emerging from the new frontier in analytics.