Drive Your Meaningful Use Stage 3 API Requirement – Workshop

APIs represent a new fast-growing channel opportunity that companies are utilizing to reach their internal and external customers in new ways – but are facing management challenges in the process. Now Healthcare Providers will face similar challenges as they are compelled to implement APIs in support of the Meaningful Use Stage 3 requirements from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

API Requirement Opportunity:
As you implement APIs for the Meaningful Use requirement, you will also enable new opportunities in the Digital Economy driven by Mobile, the Internet of Things, Cloud and Big Data.  The way in which your company interacts with these technologies is the key to driving business growth and managing costs. APIs are the way your company will need to interact with these technologies and the way you will expose information to your partners, providers and patients.

API Requirement Challenges:
Managing APIs creates a complex set of challenges for companies and the API stakeholders (API Product Managers, API Developers, App Developers, Operations) who want to know:

  • What is our business strategy in the use of APIs
  • What new business opportunities have we enabled?
  • How will we protect the privacy of our patients and meet HIPAA requirements?
  • How can we manage the consumption of APIs across the enterprise?
  • How will our patients and partners use these APIs?
  • How will we manage the performance of APIs to drive patient satisfaction?
  • How to introduce change to APIs?
  • How do I know who is using my APIs?
  • How much are they using my APIs?

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