Learn How to Achieve Speed, Simplicity and Exceptional Value

June 26, 2015

In the race for competitive advantage, data is the raw material for setting your business direction. Advanced analytics lets you extract untapped value from your data to accelerate growth and optimize your business.

Analytics pays back $13.01 for every dollar spent―1.2 times more than it did three years ago.

IBM® PureData™ System for Analytics N3001-001―the PureData System mini appliance―changes the dynamics of big data analytics for midsize organizations by providing a high-performance data warehouse appliance purpose-built to make advanced analytics simpler, faster, more accessible and more affordable. The appliance integrates database, server and storage into a single, easy-to-manage system.

– Acquire the tools you need to unlock data’s true potential.
– Turn data into past, present and future views of your operations with business intelligence software.
– Support integration and self-service provisioning for a growing variety of data and help shrink the time required to complete tasks.
– Bring the power of Hadoop to big data analytics with rich developer tools, powerful analytic functions and exceptional management capabilities.
– Perform analysis on data in motion with sub-millisecond response times, helping accelerate decision making and reactions to critical events.

AdvancedAnalyticsInfographic-thumbnailThis infographic looks at how you can gain speed, simplicity and exceptional value with the IBM PureData System for Analytics Mini Appliance. This high-performance data warehouse solution integrates database, server and storage into a single pre-tuned and pre-configured system. Download the infographic.