Leveraging Technology Announces New Interaction Aware™ Service at IBM InterConnect 2016 Conference

March 1, 2016

Leveraging Technology was selected by IBM to present an innovative new solution the company developed using IBM’s Bluemix and Cloudant technologies at InterConnect 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The cloud-based proprietary solution, Interaction Aware™, gives companies a consolidated view of enterprise interactions within their IT integration environment. The Interaction Aware dashboard provides a view of customer, internal systems and external transactions. Gaining this view across applications, platforms, and companies/trading partners has long been a challenge and required intrusive means to view the data.

According to Jim Cantin, President of Leveraging Technology, “About 90% of the companies we talk to don’t have visibility into performance of key business processes within their IT integration space. Today’s complex IT environments may process millions of transactions per day, but they often don’t know where bottlenecks occur or don’t have a single view of all interactions that involve a single customer. With Interaction Aware that is changing. Companies can now draw insights from a 360° view of their customer, for example, potentially leading to greater customer retention,” said Cantin.

Leveraging Technology’s Senior Technical Consultant, Devin Richards, and Enterprise Solutions Architect, Ron Jamerson, presented the new service at IBM’s conference yesterday, along with their pilot customer, CoreLink Administrative Solutions. Scott Ford, Enterprise Architect at CoreLink, said, “We previously partnered with Leveraging Technology to implement an integration solution between our claims system and a third party processing prescription drug claims. We had a legacy process without visibility on how it was behaving (peak volumes, response times, errors, etc.). With Interaction Aware, we were able to implement quickly and in a non-invasive manner — meaning in most cases, we didn’t even need to make changes to existing integration flows — and once implemented, there was very minimal overhead to the processing resources on the system as a whole,” said Ford.

DSCF5325-crop“Once these integration events were being captured, we had instant access to real-time visualizations of the
overall integration for the first time. Through the easy-to-use and very clean user interface, we now have a view to the number of transactions happening hourly, daily, weekly, monthly… which has helped us identify error states and retry situations that we had no idea were happening before,” said Ford of CoreLink. “We are anxious to implement the solution in other applications.”

Other capabilities with Interaction Aware:

• Identify and capture business errors and exceptions.
• Find patterns hidden within system interactions involving customers, employees and trading partners.
• Establish and monitor service levels and send alerts as thresholds are crossed.
• Use real-time analytics for competitive advantage.
• Drive process efficiency in new ways.
• Delight customers by understanding their many interactions and associations.
• Derive new business value from both structured and unstructured big data.

Said Cantin, “Interaction Aware leverages our 18 years of accumulated expertise in integration, architecture and design. The ready-to-adopt and adapt patterns allow companies to address integration visibility challenges while providing additional business value by bringing integration together with real-time analytics and visualizations that creatively use Big Data technologies.”

“What started out as our normal process for staying current and up-to-date with skills (exploring new development tools and technologies such as IBM Cloudant and Bluemix), led to the key components of our Interaction Aware design.”

A recorded version of the presentation given at IBM’s conference and other information is available at https://www.leveraging.com/interconnect-2016/.

About Leveraging Technology
Leveraging Technology provides enterprise architecture and integration services. The Company helps customers in health care, banking, insurance, retail and other industries maximize business value from their IT investments. Leveraging Technology’s headquarters at 4 Commercial St. is in the High Falls area of downtown Rochester’s Innovation Zone – a fitting complement to the innovative new service announced today. The company, founded in 1998 by four partners including Cantin, was a Rochester Top 100 company as recently as 2012.

They are a Premier level IBM Partner, earned through an extensive list of certifications and value-add services to IBM products. Learn more about the Company’s services and practice areas at www.leveraging.com.

About CoreLink Administrative Solutions LLC
CoreLink provides technology solutions such as provider and membership enrollment, claim processing and payment services for Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations in North Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska. http://www.corelinksolutions.com/

About IBM InterConnect
InterConnect 2016 is the Premier Cloud and Mobile conference held annually in Las Vegas with over 20,000 attendees from IBM, its business partners and customers. http://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/us/en/interconnect/