Is Your Marketing Department Wasting Half its IT Budget?


Streamline your marketing applications & technologies.

All too often, corporate IT departments are so buried in their own priorities that the marketing department gets short shrift. Those are the findings of a survey referenced on CIO.COM in an article titled “CMOs Paralyzed by Paradigm Shift (and CIOs Aren’t Helping).” Often, CMOs are on their own when it comes to figuring out what is and isn’t working – and what to do about it.

Without a good view of where your applications stand, you could be misallocating resources to applications that have outlived their usefulness or missing the opportunity to turn low-performing applications into revenue engines with just a small investment.

At Leveraging Technology, we recognized the need for a methodology that would fast track a way past the gridlock and get CMOs the findings they need to go forward. We developed an approach that is fast and easy and has a low impact on IT resources. Click here to read our analysis of the challenges facing CMOs and preview our tested methodology for discovering a pragmatic path to sales and marketing application excellence.