Your Strategies

As a business leader, you know that your vision is up against the realities of resource and knowledge constraints. Leveraging Technology will partner with you to break down the barriers to transformation. In our roles as information technology architects and integrators, we enable practical, pragmatic approaches to improving your business performance.

What’s on your to-do list?

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Transform & Align the Enterprise

Is it time to optimize your information technology environment? 

Today it’s critical to have your house in order if you want to capitalize on new technology. Companies turn to Leveraging Technology to employ a practical approach to transforming the design and architecture of their information technology environments to push performance to the next level.

We fully understand how all aspects of the information technology lifecycle impact business performance. Through smart design and efficient execution, we help companies move from maintenance mode to innovation while improving IT alignment to business strategy. We bridge gaps and plan the future before it arrives. We drive faster time to market and better control of IT development, maintenance and administration.

Be More Agile & Adaptable

Improve your ability to move faster with more impact. 

Are you investing in new technology? The right knowledge, applied intelligently, will maximize its impact on business performance.

Companies like yours leverage our expertise to achieve faster times to market, enable more flexible information technology application architectures, and control the cost of IT development, maintenance, and administration. Our proven methodologies and frameworks make it easier to respond to mandates securely and reliably by integrating new business applications and growing the capabilities required for sustained performance.

Leverage Insight & Accuracy

Take command of your data, Big and little. 

What could your company achieve with better access to data — and a better understanding of the significance of that data? You could make smarter business decisions and gain competitive advantages. You could reach out to customers with a better experience that drives sales and satisfaction.

We can help you access and govern your data resources so you can identify ways to improve business performance and enhance fact-based decisions and forecasting. We’ll show you the way to better knowledge management that facilitates enterprise governance and a proactive process improvement while enabling new business capabilities. Everybody talks about data assets; we’ll help you exploit them to the fullest.

Differentiate Customer Experience

How friendly is your digital “Welcome Mat?” 

Your customers are searching for information in multiple ways, reaching out to you by phone, mobile app, and the web. Simplifying customer experience is critical. If customers have to navigate through a frustrating myriad of information they may take their business elsewhere. We know that consistent information flows and processes across multiple channels are even more fundamental to delivering and monitoring successful end-to-end journeys than are individual touch points.

Bringing multiple data sources together seamlessly requires a well-designed knowledge management strategy. Leveraging Technology will help you manage that journey, identifying potential issues and proactively resolving them before they become a negative experience. We’ll work with you to make sure that your self-service channels reduce cycle times, create cross-sell/up-sell opportunities and drive business by delighting customers.

Control Rising Costs

Operate with greater confidence and flexibility. 

No information technology professional can afford to take application platforms for granted. But in the rush to install yet another application to satisfy the tactical needs of the business are you taking risks by overlooking platform issues? Behind the scenes, costs are rising and complexity is increasing. And sometimes an outage due to a simple, avoidable issue at the server level can compromise critical business operations.

Our platform management strategies deliver efficiency, automation and improved internal capabilities. Leveraging Technology will help you assess, plan, design and manage your application platforms. We offer a variety of strategies for placing platforms in the environment that works best for your architecture, including cloud options. We can consolidate platforms to save you expense and overhead. We’ll partner with you to improve your platform management capabilities by augmenting or training your staff to keep you operating as trouble-free as possible.